Stitch Fix: Shopping for Fashion Reimagined

On the news and in the papers, I have been seeing more shopping malls closing. It seems like the world is closing up shop on the brick and mortar stores. So what will happen to shopping for clothes? All my life, when you shopped for clothes you went to the mall and spent all day browsing hundreds of stores looking for the one or two pieces that you need. The stores are filled with an overwhelming amount of clothes and styles that may or may not work for your body type. I do not like going to shop at malls because of all the negative body, bamboozlement of colors, and overload of choices. I often myself leaving the mall with items of clothing that I needed but no idea how to pair them with my existing closet. So frustrated with traditional shopping, I started searching for a new way to update my closet. I was happy to find Stitch Fix!

stitchfixlogoYou have probably seen the commercials for Stitch Fix online or on TV. The sell clothes for women, men, and children. The idea is that you create an account with your size, style preference, budget, and etc. Based on your selection, they assign you a stylist that will make selections from the Stitch Fix warehouse of about 5 items for you and box up your outfit for you to look at. I often got sweet messages from my stylist, Melissa. Each item came with cards with outfit ideas that you create the items that your stylist sent you. You get 3 days to try these outfits and make decisions about whether you wish to keep the items or not. Just log back onto the site to let your stylist know about which items you are keeping or returning along with your notation about your opinions on fit and style.

I loved the beautiful tops, dresses, and pants that were sent to me. They easily became my favorite pieces in my closet. Receiving a preselected box of clothes, has cut my stress of shopping for clothes has been cut in half to completely minimized. The boxes felt tailored to me. I had more time to do what I truly wanted to instead of spending endless hours looking for a single top. However, this new way of clothes shopping has its fault too. The clothes offered are not as cheap as you can find in some shops. I live on a college student budget and paying close to $300 per box of 5 items was not an expense I could pay for long. I was also disappointed in the longevity of the items. After two washes, I have been finding the fabric beading and loose strings coming out. I also grew frustrated with my selections over time because I could not long on every day to vote on different items for possible selection of styles. I received items that did not fit along with being in styles that I personally wouldn’t have chosen.

I canceled my subscription after one really terrible box, but I was impressed with how Stitch Fix handled my cancellation. They asked if changing stylist would help or anything else to help improve my experience from the one terrible box that I returned with all the items in it. They seem really keen to help improve customer experience if it is failing and have kept my account open even if I am not receiving subscriptions anymore so if I change my mind, I can return.

I highly recommend Stitch Fix for anyone that needs a closet update but doesn’t want to spend hours shopping online or in store. To get a better experience, it is really important that you respond to the style inquires along with any specification such as no crop tops or my budget is $200. It saves you time and helps you figure out good outfit pairings that you can do with it. If I could afford the luxury more and had the 5 minutes once a week to respond to the style questions, I would have kept my subscription. So go ahead and try Stitch Fix today cause it is shopping reimagined!

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