No Dogs in Heaven?: Scenes from the Life of a Country Vet

We all know about the Untold Stories of the ER, where doctors are confronted by the strange and unusual. However, vets go through a very similar comedic time. They are often confront by the most lovable and not-so-loveable characteristic of animals and their owners.

Robert T. Sharp is a veterinarian at Hillsboro Veterinary Hospital in Ohio and has practice for over 25 years. After years as a practicing vet , he decided to tell some of the untold stories of his practice in No Dogs in Heaven? . He opens his tales of his budding career with a face off he had with one-ton Holstein Bull named Willie. For any kid that grew up in the city, the sight of Willie would probably make you give pause especially if you are holding the needle you need to stick it with. This scene gives you a very good idea of the comedy one can expect. Robert Sharp adds his sarcastic and quick witted sense of humor adds a personal touch to his narrative. Don’t worry Sharp makes it past Willie and is up to tell a few more tales of his years as a vet in the country.

After recounting a few tales from his rookie years, he goes onto recount the tales of the bizarre animals that come in with their even more bizarre owner. ‘Cause let’s face we all know a couple of crazy animal owners! One of my favorite stories is about this sweet older gentleman and his two cats that lived with him on the road in his trailer. But sometimes even the best owners can have an accident or two. Have you had to save a cat from silver paint by shaving it naked? I don’t want to ruin the story but let’s say a naked cat with no hair to cover it’s fat rolls and rat like tail is a pretty shocking sight. Robert remembers him most for bring  his cat back in with stubble growing all over and a box of candy in appreciate. Sadly, the man passed away, but Robert fondly remembers him and his cats even to this day when he buys a sack of candy corn.

Robert then focuses his once in a lifetime cases that stuck with him. They were more than than the normal spays and toe nail trimming for our pampered pooches. He makes sure to remind those reading his narrative as his years as a vet that despite all the schooling he had as a vet, and all the years spent as a rookie vet still makes you unprepared for some of the cases that walk through your door. He claims that being a vet is a continuing education on ingenuity, faith, perseveration, humility, loyalty, and patience. These are the lesson one can never learn from a book but from those that venture in and out of our lives.

However, the overall lesson that Robert wants you to remember veterinarians are more than just animal doctors. Every case brought is different and so is every day. So, take a pause and curl up with No Dogs in Heaven? today!

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