The Cure for GOT Fans: Fairy Tail

Now that the phenomenal series Game of Thrones has come to end, my Sunday night has become a little darker especially with the bitter taste that Season 8 had left in mouth. Based on the comments online, it is calming to know that I am not alone. (I will forever love the Daenerys that grew on my screen before Season 8.) I can’t wait to see how the potential spin offs would play off such an unsatisfying ending. Will they make the world fall in love with George RR Martin‘s work again or will it be another disappointment for the loyal fans? My fingers are crossed for my perfect ending. However, I may have a cure for our GOT separation anxiety until the spin offs are launched.

Have you ever heard of Fairy Tail? Nope? Then you may want to prepare yourself. I am not responsible for raging fandom, sleepless nights, and possible foaming at the mouth. Now that you have read my warning notice we can discuss Fairy Tail. So the first things on the checklist are…….

Far off place?
Complex story line?
Compelling characters?

Still not convinced? Didn’t think so. The humor breaks up the serious battles that are constantly occurring. The story continues to evolve with each chapter and you could follow the story line of many the characters to find different aspects of the story depending on whose perspective you are following. But the most unexpected aspect of Fairy Tail is that it started as a manga by Hiro Mashima.

If you don’t know what a manga is then here is a quick definition. Manga is a style of Japanese comic books and graphic novels. Manga can be aimed at children or adults and be apart of a whole range of subjects such as sci-fi, romance, and comedy. How I would describe it best is if comic books went over seas and bred with movies of every genre. However, manga are often produced in countries like Japan, Korea, and China. It means that if you are needing an English translation of a manga then you have to wait a bit after its’ initial release for the English version to drop. Don’t worry though because Fairy Tail is completed and the English version of the books are out.

As Fairy Tail grew in popularity with those that follow manga, it was turned into an anime to reach more people. By the way, an anime is a style of Japanese film and television animation, which can be about any topic and have a variety of target audiences. Once again, fans were left waiting for the release of the English version since the original language was always dropped first. I pretty sure the Game of Thrones fans can relate to all this waiting after all these years for the ending of this prolific story. This introduced vividly colorful imagery with clear hints of the Japanese style of writing.

Fairy Tail is both captivating on and off screen. The diversity of characters offer a favorite for anyone that tunes in. The complex storyline is engaging and draws on your imagination.  It may just be the cure that you need to get over Season 8 of Game of Thrones.

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