Cookie of Good Fortune

Fortune cookies are a beloved item at many Chinese restaurant at the end of your meal. The sharp crack of the outer shell followed by the sweet crunch of the cookie are some of the most distinguished features of the fortune cookie. However, what people are most excited by when cracking open this sweet treat? Inside each cookie is a small written fortune with words of wisdom or a small prediction of your future. These simple pieces of paper are passed between those sitting together as they share each others fortunes. Little smiles dance along their lips. These beloved cookies that make us smile and laugh have an interesting though. Fortune Cookies was not originally a cookie from China but from Chinatown in San Francisco.

DSC_0172To find out about the origin of the fortune cookie, I suggest a trip to the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory the next time you are stopped over in San Francisco, California. The bright colors and fragrant smells pouring out of every shop along the way are a great indicator you have entered Chinatown if you miss the Dragon’s Gate at the start of Chinatown. Lose your self among the tourist before branching out towards true neighborhood missing the junky tourist shops. The giant mass of  bodies are missing and signs start to lose their English translations. Follow the sweet scent of baking sugar down a tiny alleyway behind some of the store fronts in Chinatown to find  Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory . These tiny store front tucked  into alleys are every typically in an major city where space is limited. The store is nicely compact with the items for sale on two shelving racks before a counter that holds a single cash register in the front with three giant mechanical machines whirling behind the counter with precision. Three workers are nestled in front of them with nimble fingers folding the hot bendable dough into it’s iconic shape with a box of fortunes to slip inside these tasty treats.

The most traditional cookie being the simple vanilla sugary goodness, but these special treats have evolved over time. They can now be found in disks or in miniature version. You can even find some the size of your head. How about a different flavor?  Would you like green tea, strawberry, or dipped in chocolate? It is a complete take your pick when it comes to these treats. These evolution in flavors and in shape helped add a little bit of excitement to these cookies have lasted over half a century. However, the flavors aren’t that memorable or strong. The fortunes inside and unique shape are truly what have the people clamoring for these cookies at the end of their meal. The fortunes are often a small pick me up we need to feel like tomorrow will be better.

What would you do for a fortune of a better tomorrow?

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  1. housewolf4 says:

    Sounds like a fun visit!


    1. It definitely was and I highly recommend stopping by!


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