Belle’s Spotlight: Growing Up Pup

Cute and Fuzzy is what they call me. I can’t help but stumble around like a drunken sailor. Every minute is a constant explosion of new sights and smells. Trying to navigate and learn the home of these loving giants that I follow everywhere. However, I don’t understand a word they are saying. They don’t bark or whine. They cheer when they are happy and cry when they are sad. They truly are funny creatures.

This is how I imagine Belle felt when she was a tiny puppy and came into the world. I have owned dogs all my life but she was the first dog that I raised as a puppy. It wasn’t until someone told me that we were speaking two different languages and trying to figure out what the other one said that I truly understood how confusing I could be to such a puppy. The closest human experience that I can think of is that of a toddler. They are trying to figure out the world on their own, but still need guidance to make it over the mark. So like any parent (human or pet), I turned to my resources to help me guide Belle into the dog I knew she could be BEFORE deciding to get her. (This is important for anyone that wants to consider getting a puppy or a dog)

I started with the book available at my library and then talked to other people I knew that have raised dogs as puppies. I even watched videos for training tips and for guidance on trouble behaviors. I read hundreds of online articles that I think I read just about every version of the information out there. Here are the best things I found to help with your pup growing up.

1. Puppies For Dummies

This fun, friendly guide to puppies prepares you for this tough but terrific time. From the basics of puppy training—housebreaking, feeding, crating—to the latest on doggie day care, traveling with a puppy, and the new designer breeds, you’ll get everything you need to help your puppy grow up to be a healthy, playful, well-mannered dog.

2.The Art of Raising a Puppy

For more than thirty years the Monks of New Skete have been among America’s most trusted authorities on dog training, canine behavior, and the animal/human bond. This new edition of THE ART OF RAISING A PUPPY features new photographs throughout, along with updated chapters on play, crating, adopting dogs from shelters and rescue organizations, raising dogs in an urban environment, and the latest developments in canine health and canine behavioral theory.

3.How to Raise the Perfect Dog: Through Puppyhood and Beyond

For the millions of people every year who consider bringing a puppy into their lives–as well as those who have already brought a dog home–Cesar Millan, the preeminent dog behavior expert, says, “Yes, you can raise the perfect dog!” It all starts with the proper foundation in the early years. Here, Cesar tells you everything you need to know to create the best environment for a well-balanced dog in order to avoid behavior issues in the future, and shows you how to correct the most common behavior issues for young dogs. #1 New York Times bestselling author, Cesar Millan shows you how to raise the perfect dog and prevent behavior issues before they start, including:

• what to expect from each stage of your puppy’s development
• quick and easy housebreaking
• the essentials of proper nutrition
• the importance of vaccinating–and of not over-vaccinating
• creating perfect obedience from day one through rules, boundaries, and calm-assertive leadership
• how to avoid the most common mistakes owners make raising puppies and young dogs
• how to correct any issue before it becomes a problem
• unique exercises and play to bring out the best in every breed

4.Before and After Getting Your Puppy: The Positive Approach to Raising a Happy, Healthy, and Well-Behaved Dog

In the 1970s, Dr. Ian Dunbar sparked a dramatic shift in puppy training ― away from leash corrections and drill-sergeant adult dog training classes based on competitive obedience and toward a positive approach using toys, treats, and games as rewards for teaching basic manners, preventing behavior problems, and modifying temperament.  His positive approach revolutionized the dog training field, especially puppy training. Dr. Ian Dunbar combines his two popular puppy training manuals into one indexed, value-priced hardcover dog training book. In clear steps, with helpful photos and easy-to-follow puppy training milestones, he presents a structured yet playful and humorous plan for raising a wonderful dog. Dr. Dunbar’s guide is based around six developmental milestones:

  • Your doggy education
  • Evaluating puppy’s progress
  • Errorless housetraining and chewtoy-training
  • Socialization with People
  • Learning bite inhibition
  • The world at large

5. What a Great Dog! Training Center

Maureen’s passion for igniting a fire in typical pet owners to train their dogs with positive training methods set the tone for the WAGD company.  The company continues to be fueled by the central theme that when people get hooked on training and participating in dog sports and activities, their lives are enhanced and their dog’s lives are too! Belle and I love training here. We are always learning something new and give helpful tools so owners can have a better relationship with their puppies.


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