DisneyBound: Keeping the Magic Alive

Disney has become a household name over the years, and as the House of Mouse has grown show has the fan base. Disney fans range across age, ethnicity, and gender. Disney fans are encouraged to show their Disney spirit on in many forms. The most common way to show your Disney spirit is with fashion. Disney is really good at pairing up with notable fashion house to keep their icons up to date on the fashion trends as well as the fashion that fans want. However, one unexpected outcome from fans in terms of Disney fashion is DisneyBound. DisneyBound is embodying a Disney character or icon in the real world or day-to-day fashion. These outfits can be done at any price range with any character.

It has become so popular that there are Pinterest boards dedicated to it along with Instagram accounts of famous DisneyBound influencers. These accounts get thousands of followers and reposts from various sources that it is continuously evolving and expanded on. Now, I personally have never been one for planning outfits or pursuing the latest trends in fashion, but this one is hard to ignore. However, I thought I could try for 5 days to embody 5 different characters in my outfits to play my homage to the House of Mouse, and see what the attraction of DisneyBound.

My first outfit I started with is Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I focused on the first dress that we see her in during the opening scene is that was more of her everyday outfit vs. her giant yellow ball gown. This one was an easy character to embody since Belle is my favorite Disney princess. Plus, her color palette was very basic and not complex to copy. I took my favorite jean shirt which I had previously embellished with pearl buttons on top of a white T-shirt with classic blue jeans. I loved this outfit because it made me feel closer to my favorite Disney princess. It was easy to bring this fictional character to life since my outfit was very similar to hers but still had elements of me in it. As the day continued, I found myself asking myself questions about what would Belle do in the situations I was dealing with and really internalizing her ideals and actions that I believe she would have done. I felt like I was one with the character, Belle. It gave me a strange sense of comfort and helped shape my actions. So, I was more than ready to try DisneyBounding again!

My second outfit I wore was inspired by Agent Carter from Marvel’s Agent Carter. I focused on her look from her TV series since I loved the retro look that was non-military looking so I could potentially wear the outfit at a formal business event. I found this super cute conservative navy blue dress and paired it with my pin-up red lip stick and the rest was history. I am a sucker for a good retro inspired outfit because I tend to prefer more conservative looks so this was right up my ally. As I wore my simple navy dress, I found myself listening to music themed around my outfit and trying to walk with the confidence Peggy Carter had in a world run by men. It is the kind of confidence I sometimes wished I carried when facing difficulties. With my embodying of Peggy Carter, I found myself trying to walk with my head taller not afraid of anything while not being ashamed of my femininity.

My third outfit was inspired by Jack Skellington from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. I wanted to wear a more darker themed outfit and one that wasn’t traditionally a female role since there is no gender rules in DisneyBound. I took my favorite black  skater skirt for summer paired it with my black and white striped top with black accessories and flats to top it off. Jack Skellington had this creepy playful personality that made him lovable. His misadventure into Christmastown after growing bored with his duties as the Pumpkin King shows how truly fun loving even if it is misguided. While wearing my Jack inspired outfit, I found myself feeling more sassier and playful. It was like I was determined to  laugh the day away.

My fourth outfit was inspired by Elizabeth Swann from Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl because she was an overall badass. I paired my favorite black skinny jeans with my black riding boots. I choose a black leather jacket to over my white t-shirt give it a touch of edge that any Elizabeth Swann outfit needs before having fun with my accessories. I had a very similar reaction to my Elizabeth Swann outfit that I did to my Agent Peggy Carter outfit. They were both powerful women in a very men driven society. These outfits helped me embrace more of the confidence associated with each of them.

My fifth outfit was inspired by Loki from Thor because after being so good, it was easy to be bad (just kidding). I paired my black leather jacket with a black off the shoulder shirt along with hunter green jeans along with my black riding boots. I topped off my outfit with a few gold colored accessories because Loki loved his gold accessories too. My reaction to my Loki inspired outfit was very similar to my Jack Skellington outfit. I felt more playful in this outfit than I did before. However, I did feel powerful in this outfit because I was channeling Loki’s mystic status with his ambitious nature to be king.

I found it interesting how my outfits impacted my emotions or feelings during the day. I had fun with my friends trying to guess which character I was embodying that day. I felt like the magic of Disney was kept alive in my everyday life. I was able to show my Disney passion without being so over stated that I could not do my work or errands. Are you a fan of DisneyBound? Who would you choose to embody?

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  1. justthegameoflife says:

    I freaking live for DisneyBound outfits. I always wanted to take part in it but always chicken out. Or cant decide who I wanna look like. Loved all your outfits though!


    1. Thanks! I know that dressing up as a character seems intimidating at first, but I found if I relaxed and just enjoyed what I was doing it was a lot more successful. I am a big believer that anyone can do anything they truly want and I hope that you will try DisneyBound if you truly want too. If you ever do decided to do it, I would love to see what you did for DisneyBound. Never forget, Disney is about faith, trust, and a little pixie dust. 😉


      1. justthegameoflife says:

        Exactly. Cause honestly Disney is probably one of the only places you wouldn’t really get judged in doing it. I will definitely try it next time I go and i’ll make a post about it! Are you thinking of going again soon?


      2. I actually wore these outfits during work and while hanging with friends you loved them too. So you don’t have to go to Disney to DisneyBound! I always hope to go again but so far I have no plans.

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