April Showers Bring May Flowers

With spring turning into summer, many are racing to the great outdoors to plant flowers, herbs, and other variation of foliages. I guess that is why we have the saying april showers bring may flowers, and Texas has been getting a ton of rain recently. Global warming has encouraged more people to plant in their yards to help combat our emissions. I personally reach for herbs and produce for my gardens because home grown taste way better than store bought any day of the week. Plus, you can save money by growing instead of buying your herbs and produce. However, I run into the issue like many of not having a green thumb or the space to have a vast garden when I was living in an apartment. I still loved having fresh herbs but it wasn’t feasible to have various pots with soil that require constant attention when I often am busy with life. But now, I can enjoy fresh herbs and produce without having soil tracking in my apartment. It is all thanks to AeroGarden Kit.

AeroGarden Kit is a hydro-garden that fits on your countertop. If you don’t know what hydro-garden means then here is a quick explanation. A hydro-garden is plants grown in water without soil because the nutrients are added directly to the water. Cool, right? I have grown herbs and tomatoes in mine, and all of them have thrived well. I had a tomato plant last 5 months in the AeroGarden Kit. Most of the time I can’t get a tomato plant to grow in the Texas heat. You can also plant flowers and lettuce if you want. It adds the little bit of natural color we look for in a home while providing for the house. What I love most though is that it tells me when to add nutrients, water, and set it’s own timer for light. All with the selection of a program with the panel of buttons. Look at what my hydro-garden looks like just short of a month after I replanted it.

AeroGarden Kit is perfect for a gardener in your life, too. I bought this for my grandfather, who loves to garden, but his back hurts to garden for a long time. When spring rolls around, my grandfather is at the store buying plants to fill his backyard.With AeroGarden Kit, he was able to have a mini-garden without all the yard work. He loves it!

I hope you try out AeroGarden Kit to be your miniature garden. What would you grow in your hydro-garden? Why do you garden?

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