Lou Bega: Mr. Mambo No. 5

Music transcends language barriers and generational gaps. Music tends to have distinctive elements that clue us into what genre and era they come from. Some singers can last throughout history and make their mark on the musical timeline. Others have one song that helps define their career. Lou Bega is a bit of both.

Lou Bega is a German singer and songwriter. He was born in 1975. His music has elements of the 1940’s and 1950’s with modern beats. His music falls into several genres such as Pop, Latin hip hop, and Mambo. He is most known for his hit song, “Mambo No. 5 “, which nominated for a Grammy. This song has been remade several times by various artist. Disney even came out with a Disney “Mambo No. 5”. However, Lou Bega has a more songs and albums than “Mambo No. 5 ” from his album A Little Bit of Mambo that truly showcase his talent and style.

Lou Bega is a favorite artist of mine because of the nostalgia invoked by his more classic elements. I often think back to playing with my dad’s old record player and dancing around the living room to whatever I could get my hands on. The fast pace and uplifting beat style behind a majority of his work is perfect for dancing or putting a smile on your face, whichever comes first. I really fell in love with his music when I started paying closer attention to his lyrics. His lyrics were compelling and had a storytelling quality that I am often missing in some songs on the radio. One song that truly shows his passion for music that was made not only with himself in mind but his fans is “I’m a Singer“. In his lyrics, he states that he will sing in front of millions but also for just one because he would be there for his loved one at the end of the day. Singing is all he knows how to do and can’t imagine doing anything else. “I’m a Singer” though isn’t my favorite song.

My favorite song by Lou Bega is, “Sweet Like Cola“. This song promotes body positivity and acceptance for who we are. I think this hits home for me because I struggled like many girls to feel comfortable with my looks. When magazines and television is all about how skinny a girl is in order to be beautiful or sexy, it is hard to be an average size girl and feel confident in public. I also think this song has a special place in my heart because my favorite soft drink is Coca-Cola, which made this song feel like it was written especially for me. (Sorry Pepsi Fans!) “Sweet Like Cola” is modern in terms of subject matter but has elements of nostalgia for those who are looking for music outside of the main stream.

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Who are your favorite singers/songwriters that aren’t mainstream?  Any favorite genre of music?

Photo Credit: https://www.ame-media.de/lou-bega/


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  1. Sartenada says:

    Great Song. I do love it.

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