Miraculous Ladybug: New Evolution of Superheroes

Miraculous Ladybug is a TV series quickly gaining a following both with little kids and the kids at heart. I am embarrassed to say this as a college student but I am a fan of Miraculous Ladybug and anxiously await for season 3 to come to the United States. I got hooked on this series after seeing a bunch of fan post on Instagram raving about this new french television series for kids about superheroes. I decided to watch the show after discovering that the show may have some main stream attraction I was more than willing to tune in for an episode or two. Next thing I know, I had completed season 1 in a day. Whoops!

If you aren’t familiar with the story line of Miraculous Ladybug then here is a quick synopsis. Marinette and Adrein are classmates that transform into superheroes (Ladybug and Cat Nior) using their magical jewels called Miraculous in order to protect Paris from the evil Hawkmoth and his akumas. Now if the original plot hasn’t stirred your interest then here are 5  reasons to love Miraculous Ladybug:


1. The hero makes mistakes

The hero of the show is definitely Ladybug. She works along side Cat Nior to help defeat the akumas but will readily admit that she sometimes doesn’t know what she is doing. This causes her to make mistakes while saving the people she cares about. These mistakes sometimes cause her to develop her own enemies or fail saving someone at first (Trying to not give away too much of the plot). The imperfection of these characters make them more relatable to the everyday kid. Ladybug and Cat Nior are both tough, brave, and soft enough to show their hearts on their sleeves.


2. The catchy puns

The puns. The puns made on this show are funny and bad. They are like the ultimate dad jokes. They can’t help but bring a smile onto your face. For example, during the episode Darkblade one of the student responded that he turned into a knight and that it was a “knightmare”. Get it? There are many jokes similar to this through out the show, which helps give the show it’s light hearted tone vs. a more mature darker tone.


3. The diverse cast of characters

The cast is very diverse and help represent the variety of cultures. For example, Ladybug, the main superhero, is of mixed descent. The diversity though isn’t just to have a representation of the typical stereotypes though. You can see this when Marinette struggles to communicate with her uncle, who speaks Mandarin, but she doesn’t despite having a Chinese mother. It is Adrein, a Caucasian classmate, that she has to turn to for help communicating with him due to the language barrier. Need I say more?


4. Complex relationships

The relationship between characters are forever in flux. Some are not bad people but act out because of the way they grew up within their homes. The person that best shows this is Chloe. She appears to be a classic mean girl but truly does want friends and to appreciate those around her. She doesn’t have the social skills to express kindness in the traditional way because her family gave into her every desire since they were busy and not around. You see this more and more though out the series as she tries to become a better friend and person.

However, friendships aren’t the only relationship looked at. They also cover what it feels like to be figuring out crushes and idolization. I can’t tell you much more about the crushes or idolization without revealing too much, but no that it is a very fluid concept and constantly explored.


5. No definitive good vs. evil

I admire the concept of good and evil that is explored in the series. It starts off well defined like our concept of it when we are young. However, as the series progress the concept becomes more blurry. The bad guy isn’t necessarily bad. Maybe he is bad for a good reason? The good guy isn’y necessarily good. They sometimes make mistakes and become their own worst enemies. So is the good guy always morally good or the perfect angel? I think the answer goes back to the first reason to love this show. The cast is far from perfect. They are learning while on the job and trying to maintain who they are with the mask on and off. What other kids’ show can say that they can fluidly commit to this?


If these 5 reasons are not enough to convince you to turn in then you are definitely missing out. Can’t find it online then you can buy the DVD set here. If you have kids or watch kids and wish for them to step away from the TV more then might I suggest the Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir Book. The book allows you to follow along with the series just without the TV time.

(Photo credit to ZAG Production and other outlets)

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