Oyster & Chop

A pier filled with bars and restaurants, and there is only one place that I want to eat at. As the title of the restaurant states, they specialize in surf and turf. However, I suggest starting your evening at the bar. You can choose to people watch as everyone wanders down the pier or overlook the bustling kitchen. Glance around you at the bar to see everyone smiling and joining their friends. My must order drink is the whiskey sour. It was not only pleasing to to the eye but has notes of sweetness that take out the sting of the sharp whiskey. It is a drink that find often has the whiskey overpowering the other elements and leaving much to be desired. However, this one was such an easy drink to sip it is like breathing fresh air.

Ask to be seated on the patio to bask at the beautiful chandelier and bask in the nightlife. I suggest ordering the steak with the truffle butter which you can pour onto any dish and it will taste like it came from the gods. I love the savory and decadent notes that play on the palate. If you don’t want steak, any of the seafood options are good. My family enjoyed the fish and chips and the lobster. However do not skip the desserts. We loved the S’mores Baked Alaska and the deconstructed Black Forest Brownies. The Baked Alaska is balanced between salty and sweet. The salty notes dance along your tastebuds just as you start to think that it has turned too sweet. The sharp tart notes from the cherry are the most memorable piece from the brownies we ate.

It is very interesting to see similar flavors to dessert I grew up with even though we are in Auckland thousands and thousands of miles away from my home. Baked Alaska maybe a dessert out of fashion in the United States but it is a popular dessert on their menu.  I wonder if anyone else has noticed that somethings never change no matter how far you travel despite the ever growing diversity and differences that there is just as many similarities. It is funny how you can analyze the world based on a noteworthy dish.

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