Chef’s Table: The Story of a Chef

Behind every great artist there is a story. The stories may change but the story of life still influences the brush strokes and theme of the artwork. This critically acclaimed show featured on Netflix brings these stories to life with each episode exploring the life of one famous chef and their work. The rich color and documentary style of this show appeals to those invested in food and follow famous chefs.

I found this show very intriguing because it told a story and showed the innovation and creativity in food. As a foodie, I love seeing the passion of chefs. You can’t truly appreciate food until you know this person behind the plate.

For example, I remember as a kid avidly following the career of Rick Bayless. I wouldn’t recognize Brittany Spears or Johnny Depp if they had passed me on the street because Hollywood stars were just not interesting to me. I was a dedicated student of the kitchen and loved seeing passionate chefs. I had the chance to meet Rick Bayless in person after noticing him across the room at one of his Chicago restaurants. He was just as passionate in real life and loved sharing that with me when I asked to speak with him and asked for an autograph. Now whenever I taste his food, I fully appreciate the story and chef behind the dishes. I always wait anxiously for his next creation.

The show also introduces new foods to new audiences such as the Korean Temple Food that was featured in Season 3 of Chef’s Table that many have little knowledge about. The show allowed the education of others to be pursued and for a deeper understanding to be created. However there is one downside to this show.

The downside is because of the different styles of narratives that each chef provides some episodes are more interested in presenting the stories and others have a bigger focus on the food produced. This flux of focuses causes one to gravitate to certain episodes more than others. For example I highly suggest that if you are on the fence to watch the Alinea episode that is set in Chicago, IL with Chef Grant Achatz.

So please curl up with your favorite snacks and watch the stories of the Chef’s Table take to the screen and the food that set them apart.

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