Love 020: A Gamer Cinderella Story

As the world of gamers gets wider and bigger, more people are connecting over games. So it should be no surprise when the gamer world gets written into a romance drama for the ages. Based on the real life game, Chinese Ghost Story, two players started romancing online while the real world tries to pull and bring them together. Eventually, the two lovers meet in person to only realize that there is true love inside and outside the game.

Though I do have to mark down the performance of the actress as Bei Wei Wei to be so demure that sometimes she can get annoying. However, the others were perfectly executed by presenting their flaws and strengths. Fair warning for those wondering if there is any shirtless scenes after seeing the photo of the lead actor, the answer is yes and you will need to wipe out the drool from your face. The series even hinted at a budding gay couple at the end of the series, which almost made me crave more just to see if those two ever figure it out. This hinting at a gay couple is very progressive for a Chinese drama as many popular Chinese dramas only focus on male and female pairings with no hint of non-heterosexual couples.

As a giant romantic, this storyline was gripping and a perfect ode to my nerdy self. I love role playing games (RPG) though the best that I can do is button smashing since I spasm every time a boss or enemy comes on the screen. I may also have to apologize to anyone in the vicinity to hear me curse like a sailor. However, I love the snip its of game play and when the actors would act out the game as if the characters were living in the game so the game play was inclusive to the story. It also allowed you to take a look into Chinese Ghost Story. Many who have watched the show was fascinated by the graphic used for gameplay that they have picked up the game. I think this was very strategic of Chinese Ghost Story to allow the producer to use their game and attract more female gamers for the storyline possibilities offered in the game. However, the game is only produced in Chinese so if you play then you must know Chinese. The series even talks about gamer culture along with game design which is popular with the younger audiences.

I truly love this show. I have rewatched it every time my eyes come across the title, Love 020. It is the story to prove that even nerds can have a Cinderella like fairytale and live happily ever after. So grab a box of chocolates, the fluffiest blanket you can find, and a box of tissues to prepare yourself for a night of binging Love 020 on Netflix. As always, please tell me what you think of this show and what shows do you recommend that I watch next.

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