Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries: A must watch for all

I have a love for crime shows and love for the glamor of the 1920’s. However, when I learn about the art deco period of our world history in school here in America we only hear about the 1920’s in America. We have no idea if the 20’s were the same everywhere. Did the women of the 20’s struggle like those in America? Was the flapper girls and glamour of the homes just as prominent? These are the questions that my history classes left up in the air. We don’t even know how the people felt after coming home after World War 1 and dealing with shell shock along with other medical disasters?

This fanciful tale set in the 1920’s may help bridge the gap. From the series of books comes the Australian television series Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries , which can be found on Netflix. Miss Fisher steps back into Australia, her childhood home, after spending years abroad. She comes back not only to deal with the demons of her past, but the misfortune of those around her. She decides to become the first lady detective to help those in need. Along the way, she becomes friends with a colorful cast of characters. Her charisma pulls all her friends into her whirlwind life and crime fighting.

I adore the character of the Honorable Miss Phryne Fisher, who never turns down adventure or backs down to the challenges presented for her. She was a modern woman stuck in a time that wasn’t as modern as her thoughts. She draws you in with her sensual nature and spell binding whit. Before you know it, you are a die-hard fan and cheering her on. Her story is full of twist and turns with a backstory that truly makes her seem like a tangible person. Miss Doretha Williams undergoes a beautiful transformation from meek and fearful to confident and brave woman while employed as a handmaid to Miss Fisher. We even get to watch the sexual tension brew between Miss Fisher and Detective Inspector Jack Robinson despite their constant quarreling.

We even get to enjoy the perfectly timed one liners that cause you to chuckle. We even get some sound advice that everyone can apply to their everyday life. For example, when Miss Fisher was comforting Dot aka Doretha over her cravings for more flash elegant clothing when her sweetheart ignores her after seeing a beautiful flashy women, but Dot felt she couldn’t have them because her station in life and her upbringing in a conservative catholic household, Miss Fisher said, “A women should dress first and foremost for her own pleasure. If these things happen to appeal to men, well, that is a side issue.” You may even recognize part of the cast from other famous production. Hint: one is from Harry Potter series.

I am obsessed with this series and I have rewatched this series. I fall in love with every character and scene over and over again. I don’t think I will ever tire of it, which is why I give this series 5 stars across the board and highly recommend this show be your next binge show.

As always, please let me know what you think of this marvelous show and who is your favorite character down in the comment section below.

Photo credit: https://www.filmink.com.au/ready-miss-fishers-modern-murder-mysteries/

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