Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse!

With the celebration of Mickey’s 90th birthday, I find myself reflecting on my own youth and passion for everything Disney. Growing up in middle class America means that my entire childhood means that Disney was a staple in our house hold. I couldn’t spend a weekend without curling up to a family movie night on our 20 year old couch that had molded to our bodies due to the numerous movie nights and afternoon naps. The majority of those movies being Disney classics that we could quote off the top of our head. I collected all the Disney CDs with my favorite songs on them. I even had the princess dress to play out my favorite stories.

Disney had become such a part of my life that even as a 22 year old I couldn’t wait to go to Disney World to meet my favorite characters and relive my childhood dreams. Even on my worst day, I find myself turning on a good Disney movie while wearing my favorite fluffy pajamas and cozy blankets. When I clean around my flat, I find myself humming my favorite tunes. I get excited for the newest Disney movie release and drag my friends to accompany me. I even look to my favorite characters for advice against their struggles, and even relate to who they are. I even named my cute puppy Belle after my favorite princess. As you can see, I have been

However, I am not the only one who has a connection to the mouse. Many are finding ways to bring the magic of Disney into their homes, and fashion. Fans are recreating recipes of their favorite food from the films or parks. Mickey and his friends can be found in mugs, towels, rugs, and every other items. They are even adding Mickey to their jewelry and clothing so people can express their love and passion for the childhood friend. Blogs and social media accounts have been dedicated by fans to their love of Mickey. It is amazing to see the loyalty that people have to their favorite mouse and everything Disney.

More people around the world are joining the bandwagon with more parks opening around the world along with the expansion of Disney merchandise. It is easy to see why when the fanbase contains such love and who can deny the happiest place on earth’s charm.

What is your favorite memory of Mickey Mouse and Disney? How are you celebrating Mickey Mouse’s birthday?

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