Outlander: Take off the shelf or beloved series?

I am huge fiction buff when it comes to my books. I deal enough with the real world in my every day that I enjoy the escape of a good fiction book but Outlander has me questioning is it worth the space on my shelf after curling up with the third book in the series, Voyager, and having mixed feelings about the storyline into this instillation. Now the third book is nowhere near the conclusion of this tale, and I continue to plan to finish the series before judging the series as a whole but that maybe easier said than done at this rate.

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon is about a woman named Claire who gets transported to Scotland during 1743 after walking through one of the ancient circles around the British Isles. She is branded as an outlander, her life is threatened by the suspicious locals who have negative opinions of foreigners. She learns to trust a young warrior named Jamie Fraser while finding a way back home and trying to avoid certain death. She feels herself falling in love with the strong warrior and is torn between her home with the husband who was left behind in 1945 and her new love in Scotland in 1743.

Outlander quickly found itself on TV screens everywhere and with romantics picking up the series all across America. It had strong hopes of becoming a lasting series.

After reading Outlander, I was excited to finish the adventure of these two fair lovers as I found myself falling for Jamie Fraser’s rough but gentle charm. As a romantic at heart, the story of these two people that came from across time and space falling in love was a guarantee to win me over. Also attending an American public school during my childhood, I never learned about Scottish or British history. This story was a fun and great way to be exposed to a history I was unfamiliar in a way that was more interesting than a straight history lesson in a stuffy classroom. The book contain a ton of scenes with action and the pace of the book made the story flow smoothly. I finished the book within what seemed like a breathe.

However, my love affair with Outlander came to a screeching halt during the second book, Dragonfly in Amber. The book seemed to drag on and the constant back and forth between the different perspectives became confusing and frustrating. Also with the loss of a possible child between Claire and Jamie turned a whole section of the book into one of the most depressing pieces I have read with no relief. I understand that the author was using the scenario to develop the character’s emotional depth but she could have easily divided the section by showing the healing/grieving process or deleted parts so that it didn’t drag. The book lacked action in the end and after an action packed start, more was to be desired.

Now, I haven’t watched the series because I do not own the right subscription to watch it, but I have heard very positive reviews of the series. As always would love to hear your thoughts and opinions about the Outlander series? Did you love the TV series more than the book series? What would you recommend that I pick up next?

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