Buddhism: The Complete Guide Of Buddhism

Many pursue faith in their everyday life. How one defines their faith maybe different, but the majority holds their beliefs close to their hearts. I believe to understand others, one must understand their central beliefs and ways of life. If one wants to start completing an education in one of the most popular religions in the world, Buddhism, then I would suggest Buddhism: The Complete Guide Of Buddhism, 2nd Edition, Everything You Need To Know To Practice Buddhist Teachings In Your Everyday Life .

Buddhism: The Complete Guide Of Buddhism by  Djamel Boucly is a guide about the central ideas and different ways that Buddhist pursue their faith. Though the book was very cut and dry about the belief, it did give some practices one can adopt if interested in pursuing Buddhism and where one can find a temple to seek religious guidance near them. It even manage to tackle some of the misnomers about Buddhism such as it being a religion like Christianity when in reality it is more of a way to pursue healthy living by being in tune with one’s environment.

This book fascinated me with the thought patterns behind Buddhism so clearly explained along with some of the most profound quotes that ring true even for me. One of the quotes that the book pulled from Buddha’s teachings is , “ Happiness will never come to those who fail to appreciate what they already have.” Even the history of Buddha was intriguing, how all of Buddha’s teachings were  taught by word of mouth until  several key monks gathered to record his teachings and help keep their way of life pure.

For many years, Buddhism has played a key role in Asian cultures but as more western cultures are becoming exposed to the religion, many are making the transition to a Buddhist way of life by embracing meditation, yoga, mantras, and vegetarianism.  Even the practice of meditation, and mantras have found their place in modern medicine, mainly in the field of therapy even if the practices are not defined as Buddhism it is being embraced with open arms by eastern and western cultures alike.

I personally became motivated by the reading in this book to pursue further education into this almost tranquil way of living. As always, please leave a comment with your thoughts about this book or if you have any other recommended materials for me to pick up next time.

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