An adventure shared by all (Eat, Pray, Love)

A tale that became popular after the initial release in 2006, Eat, Pray, Love tells the tale of a woman who felt lost and depressed about her place in life and embarking on the adventure of a lifetime through Italy, Indonesia, and India to find herself after the harrowing divorce between the protagonist, Elizabeth, and her husband. The key themes around the journey being the protagonist journey of self-love and discovery.

One of the key images that resonated with me from the book was that every city had one word to describe the vibe of the city. An example would the word she created for Rome being sex due to the constant chase of fleeting love that she felt in Italy. Another being how powerful the words of the author by using everyday language so that the book felt like you were having coffee with a friend vs. a fanciful tale.  This book became a shelf staple in my library and when I feel lost and question myself. I find myself reaching for Eat, Pray, Love.

Many readers connected to  the feelings of lost and the need for discovery presented in the book. They started replicating the journey in the book by seeking out the sights in the book for their own self-discovery.  Many of the cities and sites boomed with tourism afterwards. However as the books popularity has faded, has the tourism boom generated by this book faded too?

I think not. Though the book may have faded from the forefront of our mind, many today continue to question their journey through life and seek answers to some of life’s most puzzling questions. The most powerful being, does one need to become lost to find themselves again?

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