Let’s get hungry!: Chef & My Fridge

Chef and My Fridge is one of the hottest cooking shows out of Korea and featured on Netflix here in America. This show brings celebrity chefs together to create exciting dishes with what is leftover in the fridge of celebrities in the different categories of the celebrity’s choosing. I wish that smell-o vision TV was a technology available during this show as each creation looked more amazing then the last. So what truly makes this show different than any other cooking competition?

It address the question of what one can use and do with a fridge of what seems to be very random ingredients. I find this is a problem for many novice chefs and home cooks like myself, who rely on recipes to figure out what one can cook with. I can count the number of times I have sat in front of my fridge swearing that there was no way I can a meal with the series of odd ends from vegetables and other miscellaneous food items. But Chef and My Fridge proved me wrong, and I have started to be creative with how I use my ingredients. Who needs a recipe when your imagination runs wild?

Another interesting quality to this show is a look into the common ingredient items for celebrities with their diets and Korean households. For example, many of the fridges contained kimchi, banchan (side dishes for a major meal), and seafood. These are integral parts of the Korean diet and how to make popular dishes of Koreans. I had no idea about the complexity of Kimchi until this show from how long you can ferment it and what ingredients you can use. It is similar to American BBQ and all the different styles of it out there.

Also if you ever want to recreate the dishes from the show, at the end of the match they post the recipe of the winning dish. However it is completely written in Korean so if anyone manages to translate the recipes, let me know please! I love trying new food and trust me you will be drooling over these recipes.

So grab a seat on your couch and binge Chef & My Fridge today. Just don’t forget to grab some snacks because you will get hungry. When you make it through binge watching, feel free to leave me a message about your thoughts!


Photo credit to: https://www.theverge.com/2017/7/6/15923164/netflix-chef-and-my-fridge-korean-cooking-show


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