Abnormal Summit: Nothing is off the table!

Want a show that talks about every topic that you can imagine with a cast full of different cultures and characters? Then this is the show for you! Abnormal Summit is a Korean TV show now available on Netflix that has 3 Korean hosts that moderate the discussions with a panel consisting of different immigrants that now live in Korea that represent their home country for each topic that a new celebrity brings to the panel to discuss.

Now not every topic is the best discussion because the panelists may not have much to add to the topic or the panel is compliant to the opinions of the celebrity because the panel is star struck. One of my favorite discussion was one that may make some people uncomfortable but is a necessary conversation which is about sex education in school. The question was how does each country go about teaching sex education and if we do enough in terms of education? This discussion was very good because every panelists was open about what their experience in school was and if they truly thought the education was enough.

Several TV shows have tried to do their versions of Abnormal Summit but in my opinion none have been as successful as Abnormal Summit. For example, Witch Hunt, which is also featured on Netflix, takes a panel of male celebrities to discuss a variety of topics similar to the Abnormal Summit however they have not had as much success as Abnormal Summit.

Abnormal Summits following keeps growing every year with a steady cast of favorite and a few mix-ups to change up the line-up every so often, they were able to launch a second TV series with their cast of characters called the Homecoming, where the members travel back to the homes they grew up in abroad and take part of the panel with them to show them their hometown and family.

My favorite member of this eclectic group is the member from Italy, Alberto. He contributes a lot of the dialogue to each discussion and makes guest feel comfortable even when most of the members disagree with the guest. Plus, he is pretty good eye candy on the screen. And yes, he is married and has a kid so sorry ladies but the man is taken.

As always, send me your thoughts about the show and which member is your bias.


Photo Credit: https://sungsikyungsg.wordpress.com/2014/11/22/jtbc-non-summitwtichhunt-raw-files-compilation/



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